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Smart Button -SOS | NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC

Smart Button -SOS | NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC

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NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC are LoRaWAN®-based smart buttons for wireless controls, triggers and alarms. NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC support multiple press actions, all of which can be defined by the user to control devices or trigger scenes. NS330-SBE (red button) is primarily used to send SOS alarms. Compact and battery-powered, NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC are portable and easy to install. Compliant with Infodeck LoRaWAN® gateways and Infodeck Cloud, users can use NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC to easily trigger other sensors, alarms or appliances remotely. 

NS330-SBE/NS330-SBC can be widely used in smart homes, smart offices, hotels, schools, etc.

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