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Magnetic Contact Switch Sensor | NS300-MC

Magnetic Contact Switch Sensor | NS300-MC

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NS300-MC enables you to know when someone enters the office/building through a door/window, or something has been moved. The minimal magnet is placed inside the portable part, while the sensor is inside the fixed part that can be attached on door/window or other objects. With a style of minimalism and compact size, the wire-free NS300-MC can be easily mounted on the doors, panes, or cabinets, greatly providing real applications for smart homes, smart offices or smart factories.

With LoRa technology, one of the lowest power consumption technologies, NS300-MC can work up to almost 2 years without bothering to replace the battery. Compliant with Infodeck LoRaWAN® gateway and Infodeck Cloud, NS300-MC will surely monitor the real-time open/close status and receive alarms via mobile App.

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